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The 602 DUI Team is the unrivaled Arizona DUI law firm serving clients in the greater Phoenix area.

Led by a team of experienced attorneys, Arja Shah and Brian Sloan, we specialize in providing top-tier legal representation exclusively for individuals facing Driving Under The Influence (DUI) charges.

With our comprehensive knowledge of Arizona's DUI laws, extensive courtroom experience, and unwavering dedication, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our Phoenix DUI law firm will be your best decision through our unmatched experience and results.

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Attorney Arja Shah

Attorney Arja Shah:

Accomplished and Compassionate DUI Advocate

Attorney Arja Shah has built a reputation for her proven success in representing over 3,000 clients charged with DUI throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and surrounding areas. She has a track record of successfully defending hundreds of clients against serious criminal charges and 15 years of experience in the legal industry. Arja understands the gravity of the situation when someone is accused of committing a crime and takes pride in delivering highly personalized legal services. She goes beyond knowing the Arizona law to support and guide her clients through challenging times.

Facing criminal charges can be a terrifying experience. Still, with Attorney Arja Shah by your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. Arja is one of the best to help you understand the charges of a DUI, and she also shares her expertise by teaching classes to other attorneys. Her dedication to her client's well-being, affordable rates, and compassionate approach sets her apart as a powerhouse attorney who gets the job done.


Attorney Brian Sloan:

The Trusted Authority in DUI Defense Representation

For over 19 years of experience, Attorney Brian Sloan has focused on DUI defense, making him one of the most respected and experienced DUI attorneys in the state of Arizona. With a remarkable track record of successfully defending over 4,200 DUI cases, Brian's expertise and unwavering dedication have earned him prestigious accolades and national recognition.

Unlike criminal defense attorneys who focus on multiple practice areas, Brian's specialization in DUI defense allows him to develop innovative strategies and motions tailored specifically to DUI cases. His ability to think both traditionally and outside the box ensures that his clients receive the best possible defense, resulting in favorable outcomes. Brian's reputation for quality DUI defense at an exceptional price has made him the go-to attorney for countless individuals seeking reliable legal representation.


Brian Sloan Awards
Attorney Brian Sloan

Trust Our DUI firm for an Esteemed Track Record of DUI Cases

Our Phoenix DUI law firm has a track record of success in defending DUI cases as we represent individuals with the best possible outcome. With our team of experienced Phoenix DUI attorneys, proven strategies, and unwavering dedication, we have consistently achieved favorable outcomes for our clients.

Serving PhoenixScottsdaleMesaGilbertTempeChandler, and Glendale, we provide the strong defense they deserve.
Winning DUI Defense with 602 DUI Team

Winning DUI Defense

With a team of highly skilled DUI defense attorneys who possess extensive knowledge of Arizona's DUI laws and a track record of successful outcomes, our DUI law firm near you is committed to providing the best defense possible for our clients.
Unmatched Experience

Unmatched Experience

At our DUI firm, Attorneys Arja Shah and Brian Sloan bring years of experience and expertise to each case they handle, ensuring clients charged with DUI in Phoenix receive the highest level of legal representation.
Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

Our DUI law firm near you is ready to provide legal guidance and support. We understand the uniqueness of every case and the emotional and legal challenges accompanying a DUI charge.

We treat every client charged with a DUI with compassion and respect. We also help them with all their legal needs, recognize their circumstances, and tailor our defense accordingly.
Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Everyone should have access to quality legal help. That's why our drunk driving law firm offers affordable rates and flexible payment plans to lessen the financial burden of DUI defense.
Free Consultation

Free Consultation

The legal team at our drunk driving law firm offers a free case consultation to assess your DUI situation, discuss potential defense strategies, and answer any questions you may have.

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Client Reviews: Successful DUI Defense in Phoenix.

Our DUI defense lawyers have earned 900+ five-star reviews from our satisfied DUI clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.
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Creative DUI Defense

Attorney Brian really did pull a rabbit out of his hat. Brian is very knowledgeable and professional, and was timely in his responses. I would highly recommend ANYBODY to see Brian if you are charged with a DUI. You are in good hands
- Garret
Five Star Review Rating

Better Outcome Than expected

First off, I would like to say that after a bad experience with another attorney who almost completely botched my case, Arja came in as a super hero! I explained the entire situation and where the other firm failed, she picked up the reigns and crushed it. Not only did she find discrepancies in the charges, she was able to get the entire case dismissed! I owe her my life.... Don't make the mistake I did thinking that another attorney "could" do better... Hire Arja!
- roy
Five Star Review Rating

Peace of Mind

I really want to express my gratitude to Brian as he went above and beyond to meet my needs as his client. Brian was able to get me a deal that was beyond great, and truly advocates for his client’s needs. Brian has a system that allows his clients to not stress, stays in communication, will provide you with his best guidance on things and refer you to services in advance that he knows will benefit your case. I couldn’t be more grateful for hiring him.
- Hernandez
Five Star Review Rating

Absolutely INCREDIBLE Attorneys

A family member was facing a serious DUI charge that would have been devastating to her career and livelihood. It wasn't a malicious crime, she just made a poor decision. After the first few minutes of talking with Arja, we could tell right away that she knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. Arja's expertise proved itself and she was able to get all charges reduced down to a simple traffic citation!!! We can't THANK HER enough!!
- Barbara
Five Star Review Rating
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