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Aggressive Defense for Second Offense DUI Cases

In your challenging moments, facing a Second Offense for DUI in Arizona can be overwhelming. Our Second Offense DUI Lawyers understand the weight of uncertainty and regret you carry. At the 602 DUI Team, we know the difficulties associated with such cases.

Our team of top-rated, experienced attorneys is solely dedicated to DUI defense, and we are here to provide you with relentless protection. We've navigated the complexities of a DUI case countless times. With personalized defense strategies crafted through meticulous analysis, we strive to secure favorable outcomes for our clients.
Aggressive Defense for Second-Offense DUI Cases

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At the 602 DUI Team, our deep understanding of DUI cases in Arizona sets us apart. Our knowledgeable Lawyers are well-versed in the charges and penalties outlined in ARS § 28-1381. Our unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment make us more than just lawyers – we are advocates for change, agents of progress, and drivers of innovation.

When it comes to defending against Second DUI charges, experience makes a profound difference. You gain access to experienced Second Offense DUI Lawyers pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and redefining what is possible in DUI defense. With the 602 DUI Team, you're not alone. We fight for your rights, battling relentlessly on your behalf.

What Does It Mean To Have a Second Offense DUI in Arizona?

In Arizona law, Second DUI Offense within the state is a serious legal matter that can severely affect your life. A second DUI charge means you have been arrested for any DUI offense (drugs or with .08 to .149 BAC) and have a prior DUI conviction within the last seven years. Seeking professional legal guidance to protect your rights and future is essential, especially when dealing with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

The 602 DUI Team is your strongest defense against a Second Offense DUI in Arizona. We are committed to defending your rights against second DUI offenses beyond a reasonable doubt. Contact us to ensure thorough and relentless legal representation for your situation.

Second Offense DUI in Arizona

Penalties for A Second Offense Driving Under The Influence

The cases for Second Offense DUI within Arizona face harsher penalties than a first DUI offense. If convicted, you may face these consequences:
Jail Time

Jail Time

DUI Second Offense faces a minimum of 6 days with a maximum jail sentence of 6 months.
DUI Fines


The court can impose fines and fees between $3,500 - $4,700.
Revoked License

Revoked/Suspended License

A 2nd Offense DUI results in a driver's license revocation or suspension of one to two years, restricting individuals' ability to legally operate a vehicle.
Drug Screening / Treatment

Substance Abuse Screening/Education/Treatment

Individuals with a Second Offense of drunk driving must undergo mandatory substance abuse screening, education, and treatment programs and up to 5 years in probation.
Ignition Interlock Device Installation

Ignition Interlock Device

Installing a certified ignition interlock device (IID) for one to two years is mandatory after the license can be reinstated.
Community Service

Community Service

Community service is imposed as part of the penalties for a 2nd DUI offense.

Penalties would depend on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the physical control under drunk driving in commercial vehicles, for example, or the influence of drugs. Taking immediate action and consulting with a Second DUI lawyer is essential. They can navigate the legal complexities, challenge the prosecution's case, and work towards achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

The Benefits at 602 DUI Team for 2nd DUI Defense

At the 602 DUI Team, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation for individuals facing DUI Second Offense charges in Arizona. Aside from our 24/7 commitment to protecting your rights, you'll also benefit from the following:
Unmatched Expertise

Expert Legal Guidance

Our experienced attorneys have in-depth knowledge of Arizona DUI laws and a strong track record of successfully defending clients against Second Offense of drunk driving charges.
Personalized Attention and Support

Personalized Approach

We understand that every case is unique, and we provide tailored legal strategies that consider your circumstances, ensuring a personalized defense approach.
Gavel Used in Court

Aggressive Representation

Our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights and vigorously advocating on your behalf throughout the legal process, striving for the best possible outcomes.
Strong defense strategies

Strong Defense Strategies

With our extensive experience, we develop comprehensive defense strategies that leverage our knowledge, expertise, and innovative approaches to strengthen our DUI defense.
Supportive guidance - 602 DUI Team

Supportive Guidance

Our Second DUI lawyers prioritize clear communication, actively listening to your concerns, answering questions, and providing guidance and support at every step.
Supportive guidance

Effective Negotiation Skills

Our attorneys possess strong negotiation skills, allowing us to explore alternative resolutions, plea bargains, or reduced penalties when appropriate, aiming to minimize the impact.
Supporter for Change

Courtroom Experience

We have significant courtroom experience and are prepared to litigate aggressively on your behalf, presenting compelling arguments and evidence to challenge the prosecution's case.
SR22 High-Risk Insurance

Reduced Consequences

Through our expertise and diligent efforts, we strive to minimize the potential DUI penalties of a Second Offense DUI, such as jail sentences, fines, a license revoked and other criminal penalties.

Minimize Consequences for a Second Offense DUI With Our Phoenix DUI Team

When charged with a second DUI, take control of your defense and don't leave it to chance. Trust the 602 DUI Team to aggressively fight for your rights and provide the best legal defense. Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Glendale, take the first step towards safeguarding your freedom.

Understanding DUI With Drugs in Arizona

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Attorney Brian really did pull a rabbit out of his hat. Brian is very knowledgeable and professional, and was timely in his responses. I would highly recommend ANYBODY to see Brian if you are charged with a DUI. You are in good hands
- Garret
Five Star Review Rating

Better Outcome Than expected

First off, I would like to say that after a bad experience with another attorney who almost completely botched my case, Arja came in as a super hero! I explained the entire situation and where the other firm failed, she picked up the reigns and crushed it. Not only did she find discrepancies in the charges, she was able to get the entire case dismissed! I owe her my life.... Don't make the mistake I did thinking that another attorney "could" do better... Hire Arja!
- roy
Five Star Review Rating

Peace of Mind

I really want to express my gratitude to Brian as he went above and beyond to meet my needs as his client. Brian was able to get me a deal that was beyond great, and truly advocates for his client’s needs. Brian has a system that allows his clients to not stress, stays in communication, will provide you with his best guidance on things and refer you to services in advance that he knows will benefit your case. I couldn’t be more grateful for hiring him.
- Hernandez
Five Star Review Rating

Absolutely INCREDIBLE Attorneys

A family member was facing a serious DUI charge that would have been devastating to her career and livelihood. It wasn't a malicious crime, she just made a poor decision. After the first few minutes of talking with Arja, we could tell right away that she knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. Arja's expertise proved itself and she was able to get all charges reduced down to a simple traffic citation!!! We can't THANK HER enough!!
- Barbara
Five Star Review Rating
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